Reasons For Playing Slot Machines

There are a number of reasons why people resort to playing slots but there is only one reason that is considered a cut above the rest. There is simply no other game that gives you a chance to change your life with just one small bet. Regular table games (which do not provide increasing bets or bonuses) do not offer opportunities to score big on one bet. An average player doesn't walk away from a blackjack table winning five hundred thousand dollars. This is an everyday thing in slots. It is common knowledge among players that many table games provide a lower house advantage compared to slots.

Imagine, by just gambling one dollar you can win $500,000 as a jackpot. If the return rate of the machine is pegged at ninety percent, then the house advantage will be at ten percent. One percent of the returns of slots is geared towards the jackpot. This means the amount paid off is likely five hundred thousand for every dollar, and the winning ratio is fifty million to one, since the jackpot price is a hundredth of the return. If the slot machine gets one hundred million spins annually, expected jackpot payoff from the casino is every six months or so.

An average player can engage in slots and make half a million dollars from a one dollar bet in just a second. Indeed, the possibility is low, but the luckiest player of blackjack who plays hundred winning sessions to win the same amount is not just encountering bad odds but also a low probability of actually completing the required sessions to win that amount of cash. This would entail a player returning to the casino many times, and continuing to play after winning five thousand dollars and still continuing when he has already won two hundred fifty thousand dollars. So it's easy to see why it is quite impossible for a player of blackjack to win five hundred thousand dollars.

When you play the slots, even though you're gambling only one dollar at a time, there is still a high possibility of hitting the jackpot. A table player needs some high rolls in order to win the same amount of cash. A majority of them would no longer go on after a few thousand dollars have been won at the table. You need to feel comfortable to bet five thousand dollars a hand in order to accumulate half a million dollars in winnings in a short time.

As such, the best reason why people choose to play slots is very evident. No other games provide the same amount of potential winnings.