Play the Shocking Headlines Slot Machine Game

Shocking Headlines Slots is another International Gaming Authority designed video slot machine under its Advanced Video Platform Shocking Headlines Video Slots is part of the Advanced Video Platform models. The theme of this slot game is all about U.S. tabloid bizarre stories. Playing this slot game showcases headline stories about famous sex scandals, royal rude boys and popular space babies.

This video slot machine functions on a 5-reel and 25-payline slots game. The maximum wager this video slot game is a huge 1,250 credits. Indeed, that's a lot of bucks to throw but it's not a big deal if you are talking of a $1 million jackpot. Many online casinos have another version of this slot machine, the non AVP Shocking Headlines slot machine. This slot machine works on a 5-reel, 25 paylines that gives away a 1,000,000 coins jackpot prize.

Shocking Headlines slots offer a bonus option called "Shocking Headlines Bonus Game". When more than 2 Horoscope icons sit on any reels, the bonus game is triggered thus Horoscope signs show up in the screen. You'll pick one from these 12 horoscope signs that determines the number of free spin you'll collect on the bonus round. Big bonus cash money is release amounting to double the initial credit wager.

Another bonus game that this slot game offers is the Top Story Bonus Game. This bonus round is activated when more than 3 Top Story symbols land on any payline. This is Shocking Headlines slot game biggest bonus game because it is a 5-in -one bonus round. The games include: World's Record, Escape from the Paparazzi, Crown Hunts, Reductions and Enlargements and Hollywood Heartthrobs.

World's Record game involves trying to set the world's record for most numbers of hambergers consumed. A player selects a burger and a banner story will confirm the number of games you've won. The original credit wagered is between 10x to 200x.

In the Heartthrobs bonus round, you are required to match Hollywood's celebrities in a "Love Match" game. If you are lucky to pick the correct pair then you'll be given bonus coins.

The Crown Hunt bonus game begins with a 10x multiplier, with a straightforward "pick a square" game to get additional bonus credits. Hide from Paparazzi's game mechanics is similar to Crown Hunt bonus game where you only need to pick a square and underneath it is a prize money, bear in mind that these squares have also pre-designated multipliers.

The Reductions and Enlargements bonus game presents an arcade of characters. You only need to pick one which corresponds to a cash amount or a multiplier.

Don't forget that Shocking Headline video slot machine game offers a huge jackpot.The amount is a staggering 20,000x the value of your initial payline bet.