Picking The Right Slot Machine

If players come prepared before they enter a casino they've got it all worked out just fine. There's nothing better than coming to a casino prepared and armed with a game plan. Unless of course you come along just to let it all out and have a good time, a game plan works very well to let you win some.

The same idea works very well when playing on a slot machine. If you want to win something when playing slot machines then a game plan still applies to you. This would definitely require knowing before hand what sort of game you would like to play.

That means you should already have an idea which slot machine you're going to play on. You don't really want to spend a huge chunk of your time just picking out the right slot machine. You should also have set your limits before you sit down and play on a slot machine.

Sometimes picking the right slot machine from the rest on the casino playing floor would seem so frustrating. It would seem that casinos would often place them almost anywhere. It would be a big help to know that there are common conventions as to how casinos arrange slot machines on the playing floor.

The first arrangement slot machines would have would be in a carousel. You'll find that these machines are grouped in the form of a circle. Some carousels, when they have a large group of slot machines, would have a casino staff that can helps players with change. Often when slot machines are grouped in a carousel these machines would often play with the same denomination.

Another common convention when arranging a group of slot machines is called the bank. A bank is an arrangement of slot machines in a row. You'll find that this arrangement of slot machines is more common in a casino.

When picking the right slot machine also need to know what denominations they play. We all know that slot machines play using different denominations. Some machines use nickels, some use quarters, some use half dollars, and some slot machines play using dollars.

One good way to figure out what denomination a slot machine plays is to look at their slot candles. Slot candles are the lights on top of a slot machine. Slot candles have two lights on them. One light is usually the plain one one and the other will come in a different color.

If the colored light on the slot candle is gold then that slot machine would play using half dollars. A blue slot candle would indicate dollars, a yellow one is for quarters, and the nickel slot machines would have a red colored slot candle.

Knowing the arrangement of slot machines and understanding slot candles can help us choose the right machine to play on. These help us come prepared into a casino.