The design is beautiful like only the Japanese can; sometimes it looks like a Greek temple, sometimes like a castle and sometimes like just a store with bright lights. The noise in those halls is deafening no matter if it big or small.

The addiction to lucky games in places that looks like Las Vegas for poor people became a national problem – many mothers forgot their babies in the pachinko's stores, after a while many stores hang a sign with a baby picture with the caption : "mom, please don't forget me". Another problem was kidnapping of children near pachinko centers which made gamblers leave the centers.

But after all the pachinko game is still the most popular casino game in Japan, you can find pachinko store in almost every street corner and people does not treat it as something bad or connected to crime. Everyone is gambling, even children because there is not real money involved, only coins that being trade for gifts.

So don't hesitate anymore, take a flight to this wonderful country and start playing pachinko all day long. Who knows, maybe you will see many gifts from it, it's all about skill and it's pure fun for you and your whole family.


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