Honesty of Online Slot Machines

A lot of reviews and write ups have been published in showing the honesty of live casinos. A writer by the name of Steve Bourie wrote an article entitled "Are Slot Machine Honest", which originally appeared in the American Casino Guide year 1999. He stated that land-based slots have many variations that may somehow deceive players.

In a virtual casino, online slot machines make use of an electronic system called the "random number generator", most often referred as RNG. This operates inside a computer program which manages its features such as the graphics of the game, player accounts, statistics and among others. The RNG is software that is had-coded and it does not change. There's no such thing as "sense switch" that is flipped to give the worse odds to the players. Thus "sense switch" was according to Bourie that was stated in his article. With regards to the control parameters, every time the RNG is being used will still be the same until the last use, and will carry on to the next use. Numbers comes out at random, however, the randomness pattern remains constant and it does not change at all. This is one of a very good advantage of online casino slot softwares.

Live slot machines can have a payout percentage that can be as low as 83%, this is not true in an online casino slot. In online gambling, every machine have the same percentage of winning compared to the other machines, they are all the same. The average payout in most online slot machines is something that will not go below 95% which then makes a house advantage of 5%. Some casinos even have payout percentages that can range up to 97% to 98%.thus would mean that you have the freedomto spend about an hour and gamble your $100 three times more, which will cost you about $7.50 in average. However, there are players who does not gamble for the average. The real reward in an online slot machine is the high stake of winnings. This in turn is balanced out by the number of players who weren't lucky enough to win.

Would you ask yourself if online casino slots are fair enough? The answer is clearly a loud YES. The software that manages and operates the games are regularly tested and updated by independent testing laboratories. There is no single game that is controlled to promote a bias play. This is definitely far from the situation of slot machines in a land based casino.


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