How to Earn Money from Slot Machines

Although slot machines are extremely fun to play, most players of slot machines would no doubt tell you that winning is not at all easy. But don't despair because this article will ensure that your odds on winning at the slot machines will be improved.

Sometimes, the location of slot machines can easily influence the odds of players.

Do not play slot machines that are located near the gaming tables. You can say that gamblers can be divided into two categories: players who go for slot machines and players who don't. It's rare that you'd find players who equally love playing slot machines and card games.

Henceforth, slot machines that are located near the card games are just there for card gamblers to while away the time; the casino wouldn't care to make the slot machines there "looser" since they're aware that the card gamblers would take the playing time they expend on the slot machines seriously.

When you're in Vegas, slot machines that are located in the end of the Strip or owned by the older and less flashy casinos are usually looser. This is a simple strategy to lure the customers away from the newer and better looking slot machines owned by the major Vegas casinos.

Slot machines that are located in elevated areas are also said to be "looser". Because of their positioning, casinos know that people who get to see players winning often in the slot machines would no doubt feel encouraged to play themselves.

Experts are divided, however, when it comes to slot machines located near ticket lines.

Some say that slot machines located in that vicinity are loose because this would encourage them to proceed to a casino after they've watched the concert or movie. Others on the other hand say that slot machines near queue lines are not at all loose since casinos feel that most people there wouldn't be tempted to play the slot machines.

Slot machines located near restaurants and food stops are also said to be looser because it will encourage players who have taken a respite from gambling to eat would feel the need to finish eating quickly when they see lots of people winning while playing the slots.

Slot machines near the entrance of casinos are said to be tight since casinos didn't desire players to be stuck in the entrance hall. They wanted their players to venture inside and gamble more! And because winning slots would keep the players in the lobby, the casinos made sure that slots in that area are tighter than usual.